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Leggings, Leaves & Lattes Freshie

Leggings, Leaves & Lattes Freshie

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Introducing our reusable air fresheners! Made from premium quality felt, these air fresheners not only freshen up your space but also help reduce waste. Say goodbye to single-use air fresheners and embrace a sustainable solution.

Each air freshener is designed to last, thanks to the high-quality felt material that retains its fragrance. Your freshie will arrive unscented, simply apply a few sprays of the fragrance that is included and enjoy! Once that runs out, you can use your favorite essential oil or fragrance spray to refill the felt, and continue using.
When purchasing online scents will be sent at random.

Tip: dropping oils onto your freshie may cause discoloration, so we recommend spraying fragrance when refilling your freshie.


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